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Drill Bit Service

Drill Bit Service

The drill bit service available from PetroEngineering ISC is one of the oldest areas of operations performed by the Company. The functions provides services on the Russian market since 2010, specializing in delivering high-tech engineering services and furnishing production sites with efficient rock cutting tools used to drill oil and gas wells.
Available Services:
Engineering and process review of bit run (the drill bit service);
Metal processing/treatment services
Lease of bits
Design of rock cutting tools and other BHA components to the Customer's specifications
Manufacturing and supply of PDC bits and bit bodies in various state of readiness (e.g., for hard facing or soldering)
Supply of special tools and different auxiliary materials required to keep operational rock cutting tools
Repair and re-equipment of rock cutting tools
PetroEngineering ISC has amassed a wealth of experience in the running of rock cutting tools. It has built up a team of highly qualified professionals, set up technical support teams at branch offices and manufacturing sites located in Kogalym, Perm, Usinsk, Irkutsk, Samara, and in the Moscow Office.
Since it became operational, the company has drilled with its bits over 4,300 wells totaling more than 11,000,000 m in penetration. Currently the company is providing support for more than 65 simultaneously drilling sites located in Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, the Urals and the Volga region, the Komi Republic and the Republic of Cuba.
Close collaboration between the bit service, the design team and technology engineers makes it possible to continuously improve bit designs to achieve the best results in the penetration rates and durability of rock cutting tools.

PetroBits™ Bits

Since 2015, PetroEngineering ISC has successfully been developing, producing and putting into operation its proprietary design solutions for PE (PetroEngineering) series PDC drill bits. The PetroBits™ trademark was registered in 2018.

Extended experience in the running of bits from the leading manufacturers has highlighted the ultimate strengths and weaknesses of different rock cutting tooling models. The development process of proprietary design solutions has factored in all the details and set the scene for selecting the most efficient options. PetroBits™ PDC bits continuously build on the previously recorded ROP performance. The inauguration of its own manufacturing site in Samara has saved the time of modifying and upgrading bit models, thus improving the running of bits.

After wear and tear every bit is returned for the assessment of operation-related wear effects. The decision on refining the design and/or modifying the grade is made based on the bit wear, input from service support engineers and required parameters. Close collaboration between the service support team and production team makes for high-quality and reliable rock cutting tools with required operational performance.

A bit load calculation for each cutting element and a performance assessment of jet-assisted units are made at the design phase.

Drill Bit Servise
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