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Integrated Service Support

Integrated Service Support

Service Package
The service package includes the following services: project management, drill bits, drilling fluids, directional drilling, coring, casing running and downhole tooling and well cementing.
If necessary, emergency equipment and engineering support services may be secured when emergency operations are underway.
There is 24/7 engineering support available from the Drilling Design and Support Center.
Reasons for Selecting the Integrated Service Support
The drilling of wells involving the integrated service support commences with the development of the drilling program and is followed through to the completion of work on the well. The entire process is guided by the Integrated Projects Function and enables the Customer to monitor on a real time basis the entire work cycle at each stage of well construction, including the control over the drilling contractor.
Opting for the integrated service support the Company has no need to maintain its in-house specialist team, thus materially slashing the cost of well construction.
Integrated Service Support Metrics
Ongoing projects
Exploration wells drilled
Horizontal wells drilled
Priority wells drilled