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Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling

One of the most essential operations undertaken by PetroEngineering Innovative Service Company ООО is directional drilling services (DD). The horizontal directional drilling team is staffed by highly qualified engineering professionals with a broad set of experience and competences in the construction of horizontal directional wells and furnished with the most sophisticated equipment and innovative software to run DD projects of any degree of complexity.
Well Engineering
Applying the innovative software LANDMARK puts PetroEngineering ISC in a position to deliver horizontal directional drilling services for challenging wells at the highest level of workmanship while running the following complex calculations:
Designing the well profile and downhole configurations;
Optimizing drilling modes depending on the existing geological conditions and drilling equipment employed.
Calculating and providing the whole length of the BHA: bits, downhole motors, non-magnetic drill collars, jars, calibrators, centralizers, check and relief valves, and subs.
Making mechanical and hydraulic calculations while wells are drilling:
– jar operation calculation;
– casing string running calculation.
Selecting a downhole drilling motor with the most suitable energy characteristics.
Measuring and Logging While Drilling (MWD/LWD)
Provision of telemetry equipment with hydraulic and electromagnetic communication links having the following configurations:

Directional logging survey + gamma (MWD/MWD + Gamma): Time proven, low-maintenance, reliable and easy to use MWD systems with electromagnetic communication link BTS-172-50, ABTS-EM-172-4, ABTS-120EM, ABTS-106EM, and RTD-203 combined to secure the best value for money quality of available services for directional and horizontal wells.
Directional logging survey + gamma + resistivity (MWD + LWD): The most advanced MWD systems operating hydraulic communication link LHE-630N, MWD NewTech provide a range of LWD measurements using resistivity to carry out horizontal well drilling projects and wells highly complicated in geological, technical and other terms.
Drilling Design and Support Center
The Samara-based drilling design and support center develops and produces design documentation for the drilling of wells and provides a 24/7 monitoring service through the use of domestic software SUMIGI (BITAS) enabling the remote control of the well drilling process on a real time basis and the early detection of the slightest deviations. The center is staffed by a highly qualified engineering team who regularly receive advanced training courses, thus always staying up to date with the latest technology developments.
Survey management
When wells are drilled with extended reach or in a close-space configuration, PetroEngineering ISC can apply the Survey Management software that makes it possible to identify and offset the effects of the earth’s crust anomalies or the impact from the BHA components on the downhole MWD system while drilling. This software allows the user to drill with the precision of a gyroscopic instrument requiring no directional logging survey to be performed in an open hole.
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