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Drill Bit Production

Drill Bit Production

Since 2015 PetroEngineering ISC has successfully been developing, producing and putting into operation its proprietary design solutions for PE series PDC drill bits (PetroEngineering) marketed under the PetroBits trademark. Over 400 designs of ranging in size from 95 mm to 490 mm have been developed, taking into account modifications intended for application in the main regions.
Available Services:
Manufacturing and supply of PDC bits and bit bodies in various state of readiness (e.g., for hard facing or soldering)
Design of rock cutting tools and other BHA components to the Customer's specifications
Repair and upgrade of rock cutting tools
Metal processing/treatment services
The bit manufacturing facility is located in Samara. The mainstay of the machine fleet is comprised by two five-axis machining centers, HAAS VF-6/40 DTR and HAAS EC-1600 YZT.

Also, the manufacturing base includes lathing machines and other auxiliary equipment required for PDC bits full-cycle production.

Since its inception PetroEngineering ISC LLC has produced over 1,500 bits. The bulk of products has been produced for the company's service needs and about 15% – to third-party orders. The bit plant's current production rate is around 100 units per month.

PetroBits™ PDC Tools

These are manufactured to the following requirements:
TU 3664-001-09212548-2016 and also API Spec.
7-1 Subsection 9.2. A diamond drill bit and a bit featuring polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) inserts and API Spec.
7-2 Specification for threading and calibrating rotating thrust face threaded connections.
The products are certified to GOST R.

Close collaboration between the bit service support team, the design team and technology engineers makes it possible to continuously improve bit designs to achieve the best results in penetration rates and durability.

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